This new season of Greek plays represented in the Greek Theatre of Siracusa sees two tragedies The Menads by Euripides and The Libation Bearers / The Furies by Aeschylus , and the comedy The Clouds by Aristophanes. The plays are on from the 3rd of July to the 21st of August.

It is an unforgettable experience in an unique place: a theatre entirely carved out of the stone with an extraordinary natural backdrop and modern arrangements for both plays to remind us that there are stories and places which have no time.

In The Libation bearers/The Furies we see a world of ice where the sun has imploded like in the most catastrophic prediction. People want to establish the order which was before Agamemnon was killed . The goddess Athena will bring back the democracy and the social order. There are references not only to politics and law, but also to the most intimate feelings which link a mother and a son, Clytemnestra and Orestes.

What happens when Dionysus the God of wine is a woman? In the play The Bacchantes women are inspired with a feeling of rebellion against the king. As soon as Dionysus (whose role is played by an actress) approaches the town of Thebes, all women retire on Mount Citerione. Pentheus, the king, wants to maintain the social and political order and not only he denies the existence of divinity, but he condemns women’s behaviour. Emphasising the slogan “Todos somos Bacchos” the women’s chorus protests against a world ruled by men. They want to reestablish the ancient order when the Mother Goddess was as the only divinity.

Order and disorder, sense and fury, man and woman, in this dichotomy Dionysus prevails when the God/Goddess approaches the stage like a Deus ex machina from the sky. The show becomes an amazing performance with dancers flying up on the stage and you feel the power of Bacchus .

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The Libation Bearers/The Furies by Aeschylus directed by Davide Livermore
The Bacchantes by Euripides directed by Carlus Padrissa (La Fura dels Baus)

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De Petro Giuseppina Scritto il4:42 pm - Agosto 10, 2021

Interesting presentation!
I totally agree.

Cristina Morelli Scritto il8:47 am - Aprile 7, 2022

Thank you for your review. I’m going to enjoy the 2022 performances

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