Archivia Luglio 9, 2021

Castello Maniace and its “footsteps”

Recently a new event is on display into the old Maniace Castle, the building which dominates the tip of Ortigia, one of the finest example of Frederick II’s architectural style in Siracusa. The title of this new exhibition is “Passi” (Footsteps) arranged by a modern painter “Alfredo Pirri”. The event is not new, it was experienced in other context such as Certosa of Padula, but the idea to locate it into the room of the Maniace Castle achieves a deep sense of mirroring the beauty of the cross vault . When you enter the hall the silence is broken by the cold sound of the mirrors which crack under your steps and which invites you to move gently, in order to avoid that your presence might disturb the perfect integration of the new arrangement with the history of the place.

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